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Each year the EPF makes a critical contribution to strong preaching in the Episcopal Church. We fund programs almost entirely through private donations, with a minor contribution from program revenue. This means that you have the potential to play a much-needed role in supporting the EPF’s programs through your philanthropic giving. We depend on your contributions just as the future of the Episcopal Church depends on good preaching.

Your check can be mailed to:
The Episcopal Preaching Foundation
500 Morris Ave., Ste. 304
Springfield, NJ 07081

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Your support might take the form of any of the following:

Annual Fund: General Support

The most valuable funds are those available for general operations, given without restrictions on their use. These underwrite the ongoing PEP conference planning and delivery, Diocesan Conferences, seminarian awards, new program development and operations of the Foundation. Our annual operating budget of $400,000 translates into just under $1,100 per day to support ongoing program planning and implementation.

Designated Gifts

Donations in this category are restricted to the use specified by the donor. This can be a category of use such as conferences, or more specific as these examples show:

  • Underwrites one annual PEP conference » $120,000
  • Underwrites one annual PEP-II conference » $36,000
  • Underwrites one 2-day Diocesan Conference » $12,500
  • Funds one season of annual seminarian awards » $10,000
  • Funds one keynote speaker at one PEP conference » $3,500
  • Funds one keynote speaker at one PEP-II conference » $3,500
  • Funds one seminarian attending PEP » $2,200
  • Funds one clergy attending PEP-II » $2,000
  • Funds one “most improved preacher” seminarian award » $1,000

Endowment Gifts

Fund a Specific Program or Program Component in Perpetuity. Many of these include naming options, for example “The John Doe PEP Keynote Address”. For example:

  • Endow one keynote speaker at PEP (naming option) » $87,500
  • Endow one keynote speaker at PEP-II (naming option) » $87,500
  • Endow one seminarian place at PEP annually » $55,000
  • Endow one seminarian place at PEP-II annually » $50,000
  • Endows one “most improved preacher” seminarian award » $33,000

Other Ways to Give

  • Gifts in a Will (Bequests). The most common options are: Beneficiary Designations (involving all or part of life insurance, IRA, etc.)
  • Gifts from an IRA, including designating the annual Required Minimum Distribution (“RMD”)
  • Donor-Advised Fund
  • Appreciated stock or real estate
You can …
  • Make your gift unrestricted or direct it to a specific purpose.
  • Specify a sum, a proportion of your estate, a specific security or property, proceeds from a life insurance policy, or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate or trust.

For more information and to discuss your specific situation please confer with your tax planning professional.

Contact Our Advancement Team.