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Why I Give: Charles Cesaretti

| Posted: September 8, 2022
Charles Cesaretti

Charles Cesaretti

The future of The Episcopal Church is in our hands. The lay and clergy leadership of our Church is evolving to meet the many issues and challenges they will be called to address. Their formation, support, and resourcing are in our hands. Compelling preaching plays a central role as, now more than ever, worshipers are in search of an uplifting message of love, hope, and health to help them shape meaning from this out-of-control world.

We are blessed that 35 years ago, A. Gary Shilling was prescient and devoted to bringing preaching excellence to The Episcopal Church. Not only did he establish The Episcopal Preaching Foundation (EPF) but he reached out and enlisted a very special group of donors to make it a viable endeavor. These faithful and generous donors, known as The FOGS (The Friends of Gary Shilling), have borne the financial support that has enabled EPF to become the successful and acclaimed program that it is. As EPF celebrates its 35 Anniversary, it is time to enlist and expand its donor base. It is time to build on this sound financial base for the future preachers in The Episcopal Church.

I am proud to be a regular donor to EPF, and I am enthusiastic to continue my support by remembering it in my will. EPF allows me to continue my dedication and commitment to provide excellent preachers in my beloved Church.

I invite you to become a partner in building a strong and lasting base for EPF. I welcome you to join in both supporting the existing programs of EPF, which are highlighted in this journal, and, more importantly, to participate in the legacy fund to support preaching excellence for future generations. You can do this by going to the donating now. Or, you can ring the EPF Office at (973) 376-6014 to make a donation, or inquire about the EPF Legacy Fund.

The Rev. Canon Charles Cesaretti is President of the Board of The Episcopal Preaching Foundation.