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The Future of EPF

| Posted: October 2, 2018

Plan Highlights for The EPF Fiscal Year July 2018/June 2019

  • The primary focus of the EPF for FY 2018/9 will be to deliver the PEP and PEP-II conferences at a high level of excellence while continuing to test new technologies and pedagogical methods to enhance the outcomes of each program. The conference dates will be May 27-31 (PEP), and June 4-7 (PEP-II), 2019.
  • Deliver a minimum of 5 two-day diocesan-level preaching conferences, in partnership with the dioceses of Wyoming, Spokane, Washington DC, Vancouver and Wisconsin, scheduled for dates between January and October,
  • Pilot test a preaching program for delivery to future clergy-in-training through local diocesan formation programs including the Iona Collaborative and the Bishop Kemper Schools which together encompass 28 dioceses. Both Iona and BKS have expressed interest in partnering with EPF to accomplish this goal.
  • Develop a preaching curriculum with project-based faculty as an optional component within the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) curriculum offered by the several seminaries where budget pressure is exerting a negative impact on the quality of homiletics programs. This strategy was discussed with the Council of Seminary Deans in January, 2018 following which the EPF was encouraged to develop a proposed curriculum with the goal of securing a beta-test at a small or mid-size seminary.
  • The annual Sermon Book featuring a selection of sermons from faculty and students attending the 2018 PEP Conference, is currently being distributed to approximately 400 bishops, seminary deans, PEP conference attendees, and major donors. In 2019 a new series of themed sermon books will be developed to provide hands-on resources for preaching specific Sundays on the church calendar (Easter, Advent, etc.) and special occasions such as funerals, weddings and

Fundraising initiatives in 2018/9 include a program of donor cultivation events targeting high net worth individuals who are committed to the future of the Episcopal Church. The first of these was held in Los Angeles on September 27th, 2018 with encouraging results. More will follow in other major cities.