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Category: Musings

ChatGPT Sermon examples Musings | July 20, 2023 In the Summer 2023 issue of Kerygma, author Kate Spelman explores the role of artificial intelligence for developing sermons. Read the article. She asked ChatGPT to write some sermons for… Read More
A Lay Preacher Answers the Call to Do BIG Things Musings | January 15, 2022 The email that invited me to preach appeared in my inbox on September 15th. Like numerous other emails, the subject was convention planning; and the email was from the Standing… Read More
Church Trends: Bi-Vocational Ministry Musings | The traditional picture of a parish organization led by a fully salaried priest and perhaps one or more assistants is increasingly less common in today’s Episcopal Church. Reduced budgets caused… Read More
The Many Preaching Languages in The Episcopal Church Musings | It is an exciting fact that the big tent of the Episcopal Church in the USA embraces many congregations in which English is far from the first language. In some,… Read More