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Alum Profile: Peggy Lo Faculty Profile | September 8, 2022 By Edie Wakevainen Thanks to the Rev. Peggy Lo, a participant in the 2018 Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) for seminarians, for agreeing to share her biographical sketch and respond to… Read More
EPF Granted Lilly Endowment Award News | September 7, 2022 In July, the EPF received a nearly $48,000 Phase 1 grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. as part of their Compelling Preaching Initiative, to fund the development of a multiyear grant… Read More
Why I Give: Pam Wesley Gomez Why I Give | August 8, 2022 I have worked as a lay professional in the Episcopal Church for 34 years and served as a former President of the Endowed Parish Network. Having worked for Berkeley Divinity… Read More
Faculty Profile: Thelma (Nikki) Panton Mathis Faculty Profile | January 15, 2022 In 2008 seminarian “Nikki” Mathis received the EPF Preaching Excellence Award at Sewanee, University of the South School of Theology, and attended the Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) offered by the… Read More
EPF Preaching Awards News | The EPF’s Annual Preaching Award, with its cash prize of $1,000, is conferred on the student at each of the major Episcopal seminaries, who, in the judgment of the dean… Read More
A Lay Preacher Answers the Call to Do BIG Things Musings | The email that invited me to preach appeared in my inbox on September 15th. Like numerous other emails, the subject was convention planning; and the email was from the Standing… Read More
The Voice of the Deacon The Voice of the Deacon | The role of a deacon in The Episcopal Church (TEC) is not always understood. To help clarify this for our readers, we talked with Tracie Middleton, President of the Association… Read More
Church Trends: Bi-Vocational Ministry Musings | The traditional picture of a parish organization led by a fully salaried priest and perhaps one or more assistants is increasingly less common in today’s Episcopal Church. Reduced budgets caused… Read More
The Many Preaching Languages in The Episcopal Church Musings | It is an exciting fact that the big tent of the Episcopal Church in the USA embraces many congregations in which English is far from the first language. In some,… Read More
The Beatitudes through the Ages Book Reviews | The Beatitudes, I wrote in Preaching Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts (Abingdon Press, 2018), has become a political document. Nothing like “Blessed are the poor in spirit” to… Read More