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Lay Preacher Graduate Delivers Conference Sermon Inspirations & Thoughts | April 16, 2024 At the recent Episcopal Parishes Network conference in Houston, Texas, one of our Lay Preacher Training graduates, Dr. Freida Herron, was invited to deliver the sermon during the closing Eucharist.… Read More
RIP: R. Thomas Green Inspirations & Thoughts | November 27, 2023 R. Thomas Green, a longtime supporter of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, died October 18 at the age of 86. Mr. Green served for several years as a member of the… Read More
Lay Preachers Meet Growing Need Lay Preachers Training | November 8, 2023 By G. Jeffrey MacDonaldCorrespondent Attending worship in Episcopal congregations increasingly means hearing a homily from a layperson rather than a priest. The faithful are hearing heartfelt accounts of what it’s… Read More
Preaching in the Purple Zone Book Reviews Inspirations & Thoughts | October 18, 2023 Preaching in the Purple Zone by Leah Schade is both an analysis and an application of her research on the willingness of mainline clergy to preach and engage their congregations… Read More
Preaching Black Lives (Matter) Book Reviews Inspirations & Thoughts | This review commends one of the stellar underappreciated books many may have missed reading during the height of Covid. Gayle Fisher-Stewart’s Preaching Black Lives (Matter) offers an assemblage of modern-day… Read More
Book Review: The People’s Sermon Book Reviews News | July 20, 2023 In The People’s Sermon – Preaching as a Ministry of the Whole Congregation, author Shauna K. Hannan shares her belief that a person called to preach “is not the sole… Read More
Book Review: Small Preaching: 25 Little Things You Can Do Now to Become a Better Preacher Book Reviews News | Small Preaching by Jonathan Pennington works off the premise that preachers can significantly improve their skills by attending to small skills and strategies without having to entirely reinvent their preaching… Read More
ChatGPT Sermon examples Musings | In the Summer 2023 issue of Kerygma, author Kate Spelman explores the role of artificial intelligence for developing sermons. Read the article. She asked ChatGPT to write some sermons for… Read More
Preaching Foundation seeks new executive director News | June 8, 2023 The Episcopal Preaching Foundation seeks an executive director to coordinate and manage staff, including the Senior Program Manager, part-time program managers, a part-time financial manager, an executive assistant, and vendors.… Read More
Book Review: Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change Book Reviews Inspirations & Thoughts | May 2, 2023 In Tempered Resilience (IntraVarsity Press: 2020), author Tod Bolsinger presents an extended metaphor for leadership development based on observing—and trying—blacksmithing. He sees in the smith’s forge an intensity of stresses… Read More