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Residential Seminarians and Non-residential Formation Learners

Since our founding in 1987, the Episcopal Preaching Foundation has gathered seminarians from around the Church for a weeklong residential experience to be mentored, celebrated, and formed as preachers by the most gifted theologians and preachers in the Church.   The Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) has expanded to invite participants from many seminary communities and virtual communities of learning (Iona Collaborative).

The Preaching Excellence Program (PEP)

Seminary Affiliated Partnerships

Priests and Deacons

Whether newly ordained (1-5 years), a The Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) alum, a member of the clergy in a diocese partnering with the Preaching Foundation, or a deacon attending an in-person or virtual conference, the Preaching Foundation model for formation in preaching is impactful. We have ongoing continuing education opportunities, including the Diocesan Conferences and the Preaching Excellence Program II.

Deacons Conferences are targeted for the specific preaching needs of deacons, especially in their vocation of bringing the church into the world — and the world into the church.

Lay Preacher

Are you a lay person who has been identified and called in your diocese to be a licensed lay preacher in our Church? Or are you a lay person who would love to learn more about this possibility in your life?  Learn more about our Lay Preacher Training Initiative and our growing partnership with Trinity Wall Street and dioceses around our Church.

Lay Preacher Training Initiative


Do you want to support and nurture those called to preach the Gospel in your diocese? Bishops, we want to partner with you! Learn more about our resources for diocesan formation gatherings (virtual or in person) and our exciting growing support found in the Lay Preacher Training Initiative.

You may also be interested in the new Preaching Congregation initiative, which invites preachers and congregants to engage in formation and feedback so sermons are better and listeners are more engaged!

We also offer a more advanced formation program for preachers with our Preaching Excellence Program II. This national, four-day, residential conference empowers parish clergy to focus on the next level of excellence in their lifetime preaching journey. Inspired by the Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) and adapted for practicing clergy, PEP-II features a combination of talks and workshops by legendary preachers and teachers, and preaching to feedback in small moderated preaching groups. The 2023 PEP-II will be held in October at the new Virginia Mae Center at Washington National Cathedral.

Diocesan Conferences are a great way to provide training and support for larger groups. We can work with you and your formation team to design tailored programs for your congregants and clergy.