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Deacons Conferences

The Episcopal Preaching Foundation believes deacons have a unique voice in representing the Church to the community and the world to the Church. The Foundation works with provinces and dioceses to host preaching formation programs for deacons.

The Preaching Foundation’s Dean of Faculty Stephen Smith summarized:

The mission of the diaconate has never been more central to the needs of the Church. Deacons point us in the direction where the Church can be of service in the world in these increasingly dismaying times; and to be fully effective in this role the diaconate needs to speak powerfully and authentically from the pulpit. We hope that these conferences will play a role in lifting the diaconate to this role.

The program will emphasize the deacon’s unique opportunity – and responsibility – to speak the sometimes uncomfortable truths that may be less acceptable coming directly from the incumbent priest.

Videos about the Deacon Preacher Training Programs

Province I Conference-March 2023

Province II Conference-2022

Province II Deacons Conference Program Booklet

Province VII Conference

Province VIII Conference