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The history, the future, and the purpose of Episcopal Preaching Foundation

Charles A. Cesaretti
President of the Board

Dr. A. Gary Shilling

A. Gary Shilling, a life-long Episcopalian and active lay leader throughout his life, gave birth to the Episcopal Preaching Foundation in 1987. Gary’s desire for members of congregations to be inspired, transformed, and moved into active participation and ministry in their congregations was and remains his motivation for the work of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation.

“I have seen so many nominal members, including intelligent, successful people in their fields, who could do so much for themselves and others through the ministry of our Church. People are attracted to church for many reasons-fellowship, Pastoral Care, the liturgy, youth programs, etc.- but preaching is my passion. I believe excellent preaching attracts those seeking a community of faith and motivates and moves those who have yet to engage in mission who are regular attendees.” — Gary Shilling.

The Episcopal Preaching Foundation has partnered with diocese, seminaries, foundations, and missional organizations of the Episcopal Church to offer formational experiences for individuals to grow in faith, in the art of preaching, and in passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.