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Why Is Preaching Important in the Episcopal Church?

Preaching Is the #1 Reason Given for Choosing a House of Worship

Compelling preachers proclaim Good News that stirs the imagination, transforms the heart, and makes way for changed lives in action in the world. Sermons are cited by three out of four worshippers as the major factor in attracting them to religious services, according to a recent Gallup poll. People place a high value on pulpit messages that teach about scripture, and they long for a connection between faith and their daily lives.

One Mission. Many Voices.

The mission of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation is to inspire, form, and equip preachers to propel people on journeys of faith through dynamic preaching in the Episcopal Church.

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“I have so much hope for the future of the church.”

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Whether you are in formation toward ordination, a deacon or priest seeking to grow as a preacher, a bishop looking for resources to strengthen and support, or a lay person who loves a good sermon or has been identified to proclaim God’s Word, the Preaching Foundation has something for you!

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Each year, the Preaching Foundation helps form dozens of the strongest preachers in the Episcopal Church, from seminarians to veteran clergy and lay preachers. Our work is sustained through individual donations. Your contribution will directly impact the lives and ministries of clergy and laity throughout the church and the congregations they serve.

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“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. Speak as I ponder Holy Scripture. Speak as I consider the world around me and the people you have entrusted to my care. Speak as I reflect upon the state of my soul. Open my mind and my heart to the Good News you want me to hear. Then enliven my imagination, my thought, and my speech to proclaim your Word with clarity and power to all who yearn for your presence, your truth, and your love. Amen.”

The Rev. William J. Eakins



The quarterly journal of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation.

The term kerygma is a Greek word meaning “proclamation.” The sermons or proclamations in the New Testament delivered by Peter and Paul illustrate the essential aspects of the kerygma. Kerygma is not only the proclamation but the response from the listener. Thus, it encompasses the herald, the message, and the response.

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