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The Episcopal Preaching Foundation is the only organization dedicated solely to improving preaching in the Episcopal Church. In 30 years of work more than 1,500 priests and deacons have participated in the annual Preaching Excellence Program while in seminary, and since the expansion of our work in 2011 to include diocesan preaching conferences more than 3000 active priests and deacons have attended a national or diocesan conference. In 2017 alone we will welcome over 600 clergy and seminarians to an EPF event. Clearly, we are making a difference.

You can help us sustain and expand our mission to improve preaching in the Episcopal Church in a variety of ways:

  • $1,500 will “Adopt a Seminarian” to attend the 2017 Preaching Excellence Program
  • $500 will “Adopt a Priest or Deacon” to attend the 2017 National Episcopal Preaching Conference or a diocesan clergy conference
  • $200 will “Underwrite a Workshop” at PEP, NEPC or a diocesan event
  • $150 will “Support a preaching group” at PEP, NEPC or a diocesan event

Donations are now accepted online and by check to the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, 500 Morris Avenue, Suite 304, Springfield, NJ, 07081.

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For more information, or to discuss how to support the work of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation, contact us at or 931.376.6014.

List of Diocesan Conferences

     2012                                   2013                         2014

National Conference - Kanuga           National Conference - Louisville, KY           Maryland

     West Tennessee                         Joint New Jersey and Newark           National Conference - Seattle

         San Diego                                          PEP 2013                            PEP and PEP II 2014

         PEP 2012                                             Atlanta                               North Carolina 

           Ohio                                         Military Chaplains II                      East Tennessee       

  Westcott House, United Kingdom                                                             Labrador, Canada 


      2015                                 2016                           2017 

National Conference - LA                     Central Gulf Coast                          Central Gulf Coast

  Huron, Canada                                        Atlanta                       Western Louisiana and Louisiana

      Colorado                                      Western Michigan                            Bethlehem (PA) 

  Washington, D.C.                               West Tennessee                                   Iowa  

 PEP and PEP II 2015                        PEP and PEP II 2016       Nebraska and Kemper School for Ministry

      Montana                            Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada          PEP and PEP 2017

                                                               Oregon                         New Westminster, Vancouver

                                                             New Jersey