Spreading the Good News About the EPF

Preaching Across the Divide at Beverly Hills in 2019

No longer “The best-kept secret in the Episcopal Church” the EPF actively seeks opportunities to elevate the Foundation’s profile throughout the Episcopal Community – especially to those of a philanthropic capability and disposition! We recently introduced the EPF to members of prominent Episcopalian parishes in:

    • Los Angeles, CA where invited members of All Saints Beverly Hills attended a reception held in conjunction with the Diocesan Preaching Conference on Wednesday, March 20th.
    • Atlanta, GA where EPF Founder Gary Shilling addressed members the Dean’s Forum at Atlanta Cathedral on April 28th.
    • Richmond, VA where the EPF Board hosted rectors and key parishioners from 10 leading parishes in the Richmond area, on May 29th during PEP week.
    • Powering the Foundation’s continued impact has always depended on dedicated Episcopalians stepping up to support our mission. The goal of this active outreach is to include a wider circle of dedicated Episcopalians who feel strongly about the importance of excellence in preaching to the continued vitality of the Church.

Diocesan Conferences, Second Half, 2019

Following well-received conferences for the Dioceses of Wyoming (February 2019) and Spokane (April 2019) our Diocesan Conference Team is scheduled to deliver two conferences this fall:

    • Diocese of New Westminster, BC: Preaching the Hebrew Texts and the Old Testament, October 1-2
    • Diocese of Olympia, Preaching Across the Divide, October 4-5.