Province VII Registration

Saturday, September 26th to Sunday, September 27th

This conference will help deacons strengthen their preaching skills and refresh their enthusiasm for preaching. Preaching is still the #1 driver of church membership and attendance!

The conference program is scheduled for the two afternoons of Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27th from 1pm to 5pm Eastern (2pm-6pm Central) and will be conducted via Zoom. The focus of the conference will be Exegesis and Sermon Preparation.

The core of the conference will be small preaching groups of four participants guided by a trained EPF facilitator. During the two days each participant will preach one sermon to the group, followed by feedback and appreciative critique by peers and the facilitator. For this purpose participants are required to bring one sermon to the conference; this can be one they have already preached or one they are working on.
Saturday’s talk and Sunday’s Panel will focus on issues surrounding exegesis and sermon preparation, with particular reference to diaconal ministry.

In advance of the conference, participants will be invited to view two proprietary EPF video talks on the topics underpinning the conference: Exegesis and Preaching The Lectionary, delivered respectively by Professor Dr. Tom Long, author of Witness of Preaching, one of the most influential books on the subject; and The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta.

The conference will be led by The Rev. Dr. Stephen Smith, EPF Dean of Faculty and a leader of diaconal training programs in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and Rev. William Doubleday, chaplain, teacher and rector with over 40 years of pastoral ministry and teaching.

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