Preaching Excellence Program 2018

The 31st annual Episcopal Preaching Foundation Conference

The PEP I conference is held at the Roslyn Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center in Richmond, Virginia. In 2018 the conference begins on Monday, May 28 at 10:00 AM. We conclude on Friday afternoon, June 1 at 2:30 PM. Since its inception 31 years ago, PEP has welcomed more than 1,500 seminarians who have gone on to become bishops, priests and deacons in the Episcopal Church. The conference is a mix of worship and prayer, plenary sessions, preaching groups, workshops, and fellowship and leisure. 

Participants are nominated by their seminaries' homiletic professors and/or Dean. Traditionally the request for nominations has emphasized that nominees should be full time Master of Divinity students, postulants in their diocese and have taken an introductory course in preaching. The request also indicates that the school should nominate its most promising preachers. 

During the 2018 session of PEP I participants will have the opportunity be guided by homiletic experts and educators as well as clergy renown for their talent and skills in crafting wonderful sermons.PEP 2018 will focus on "Preaching the Divide: Race, Gender and Politics." 

You are required to provide a sermon for review and critiquing and the topic may consider the issues of focus - Race, Gender or Politics. The sermon (1,000-2,000 words) should be provided after your registration is submitted to The due date is March 15, 2018.  As a 2018 PEP participant encourage you to submit a sermon for possible publication in the annual EPF sermon book and recommend the topic focus on race, gender and/or politics. The sermon book is distributed to bishops of The Episcopal Church, seminary deans/presidents, seminary libraries, cathedral deans, PEP participants, faculty and guests and to our donors. Please note submitting a sermon does not guarantee publication. 

Participants are the required to register and pay fees online STARTING January 10th, 2018. See "PEP 2018 Registration"). Travel plans ARE ARRANGED BY the Episcopal Preaching Foundation and "Guidelines for Student Travel" are listed below. Nominees who do not register and pay fees by March 15th will forfeit their invitation. Anyone who has special circumstances and needs to make their own travel plans MUST CONTACT EPF before doing so, or forfeit any travel payment by EPF. 

The PEP I registration fee is $300. Each seminarian must pay $100 and their diocese pays $100. We ask that you contact your Diocese to let them know of your nomination. The Episcopal Preaching Foundation will bill your seminary and diocese for $100 each. All Registration Fees are Non-Refundable.

The Foundation pays for the balance of the costs for attendance at the conference which are approximately $1,500, including travel to and from the Roslyn Center, Richmond, VA (follow this link for more information: 


2018 Pre-Conference Timeline

                       January 2018  Nominations made and nominees contacted.

                       February – March 15, 2018  Seminarians register, including $100 contribution.

                       Sermons Due March 15, 2018

                       March 1 - March 31, 2018 OR upon completion of registration, payment and sermon submission. Participants                            contact EPF to complete travel arrangements.

                       April - May 2018  Pre-Conference information provided to PEP faculty and participants.

Guidelines for Student Travel

The Episcopal Preaching Foundation will be responsible for your travel arrangements. If you chose to make your own bookings or do not follow the guidelines EPF will not be responsible for any travel payments to you. Please review the travel options listed here.

Contact the EPF for advance booking and work with the EPF representative to complete your travel arrangements eight weeks prior to the start of PEP (for 2018 this deadline is Friday, March 30th).

 EPF is not responsible for meals or snacks during travel or sabbatical time, nor transport to/from your home to the airport or airport parking. If you have any questions or a special circumstance that requires consideration, please contact the EPF rep. Email: or call 973-376-6014.

Air or Train Travel

Whenever possible, the least expensive flight or train ticket will be booked.   The EPF rep will book your airfare or train fare from your home or seminary, returning to same place. If you request an alternate pick up or drop off point, EPF will only be responsible for the airfare or train fare amount that it would have cost had you traveled to and from either your home or seminary, as determined by the EPF rep.  Travel from anywhere other than the lower forty-eight states will be booked for a value of up to $600. The cost of checked luggage is your responsibility.


If you chose to drive your own vehicle you must be accompanied by at least one other conference passenger. Alternately, if you are unable to recruit a passenger the reimbursement is set at 50%. Mileage will be reimbursed according the 2018 IRS guidelines for business travel. The expense of gas is included in the IRS mileage reimbursement. If your actual mileage cost exceeds the cost of a standard advance airfare or train fare ticket amount from your home or seminary that is the amount that will be reimbursed, not actual miles driven.  Your expected mileage and your passenger(s) should be identified and this information emailed to the EPF rep for approval (by March 30, 2018).

 Ground Transportation

Arrival at Airport.

All transfers from an airport to the conference center will be arranged by the EPF rep.  There will be  a series of shuttle buses taking you from the airport to the conference center. You will be provided with directions to a designated meeting area (PEP signs will be posted) in the airport, where an EPF representative will be waiting to direct you to the shuttle bus. You must arrive at the airport before the last shuttle bus departs for the conference center.

Individually arranged transfers such as taxis will not be reimbursed by the EPF.  For example, if a student decides to arrive later than the last shuttle bus the student will be responsible for the cost of transfer to the conference center.  If a flight is significantly delayed and your arrival is later than the departure time of the last shuttle bus, you must contact the EPF rep immediately upon arrival to gain advance approval for reimbursement of alternate travel and to give the EPF rep an opportunity to arrange for shared taxis.  No car rentals will be reimbursed.

 Departure to Airport.

Shuttle buses will be scheduled to transport you from the conference center to the airport on Friday, June 1. A shuttle bus schedule will be posted with your boarding assignment based on the time of your departure.

Arrival and Departure at the Train Station.

Transportation to and from the train is usually done by car with an EPF rep driving you. Check with an EPF rep to confirm the time and method of transportation.  

 Expense Reimbursements

Please remember that the EPF is a non-profit organization and needs to be fiscally responsible at all times.  We need your help to achieve this goal. Expense reimbursements are made after the successful completion of the program. Reimbursement will be made for such items as approved emergency transportation and mileage as described above.

Check with the EPF rep to avoid any confusion regarding expense coverage. Original copies of expense reports and receipts send in and postmarked no later than Friday, June 8th.  No reimbursements will be made if received after that date.