Sample EPF Diocesan Conference Schedule with Notes


                            Program Design: We find that a conference format using a combination of worship, lecture,                               discussion, practice preaching with feedback, and practical workshops, creates the best                                   atmosphere for growth and learning. (12 hours of contact time)

Day 1

Arrivals Mid-Day. Lunch

2:00 pm           Worship with a sermon by the keynote speaker                  

3:00 pm           Welcome and introduction

3:30 pm           Keynote address

                        Conference Keynoter: EPF will engage a keynoter whose approach is the best match for the                            needs of each Diocese. Keynoters are drawn from seminary homiletics faculty across the                                  U.S, and from luminaries in the preaching field. (Keynote Address: 45 minutes)

4:30 pm           Q&A with Keynote: whole group

                        Whole Group Discussions with Q&A, with keynoter following keynote address (30 minutes)

5:00 pm           Small group discussions

                         Small Group Discussions: groups of six which will also become the Preaching Groups.                                       Participants introduce themselves and discuss the keynote address and its relevance to their                           ministry and preaching. The groups are facilitated by a EPF member, the Keynoter and                                     Diocesan representatives prepared for the task. (30 minutes)

5:30 pm           Break

6:00 pm           Refreshments

6:30 pm           Dinner

7:30 pm           Informal hour with faculty

9:00 pm           Compline

Day 2

7:00 am           Breakfast

8:30 am           Preaching groups

                        Preaching Groups (average 6 people per group) are the same small groups. Participants will                            be instructed to bring a sermon of their choice to the conference. Moderated by a EPF                                      member, the keynoter and the diocesan representatives, each attendee will deliver a short                              sermon and receive appreciative feedback from the moderator and the group.

11:30 am          Break

Noon               Lunch

1:00 pm           Workshops – attend 4 workshops over 2.5 hours

                        Workshops will be crafted on topics of relevance to the Diocese. Sample topics include                                    utilizing different forms for preaching, preaching to different generations, emotional                                            intelligence and its effect on the preaching task. Workshops are led by representatives from                            EPF, the Keynoter, and/or Diocesan resource individuals. Participants will shift among four                                workshops over the course of two-and-a-half hours.

3:30 pm          Closing remarks (Keynoter)

4:30 pm          Worship with sermon by host bishop