• Two-day preaching programs provide a deep-dive with ample floor time and constructive, affirmative critique,
  • For clergy of all levels of seniority; a refresher for the polished, timely deepening for those in their early years of ministry, and;
  • Delivered in the diocese in partnership with the clergy leadership.                         

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A 24-hour fully participatory preaching intensive program designed for parish clergy at every level of seniority and experience. Attendees will benefit from 12 hours of contact time, group worship and the informal fellowship of a residential environment.

The Purpose of the EPF Diocesan Conference                                                                To equip preachers with tools needed to enrich their preaching ministry for years to come.

Methods Employed                                                                                                               

  • Methods employed will be both academic and experiential,
  • Participants will hear excellent preaching in a liturgical context as modelled throughout the conference. Sermons within worship will be offered by keynoters, faculty and other excellent preachers who may be available to come to the conference,
  • Insights to the practice of preaching through lectures and workshops offered by some of the top theoreticians of preaching, 
  • Experiencing preaching in small groups to facilitated, affirmative feedback. and; Facilitators/Faculty will lead this process and will also provide materials on how to create feedback groups with fellow clergy, and with lay people in a parochial context.


  • Participants will come prepared to offer a sermon within a facilitated feedback group,
  • Participants will come prepared to offer their own insights and experience,
  • EPF will provide for keynoters, preachers, and faculty, and;
  • Faculty will be made up of those who teach preaching, and clergy with experience in the field who have a demonstrated aptitude for preaching.


  • The Conference programming will be provided by EPF.  It will be the Diocese’s role to provide for hospitality.
  • The conference must be at least 12 hours of contact time in order to provide ample time for the content of both academic and experiential programs. and;
  • Faculty will be assigned on a ratio of one faculty member for each six participants.