About the Preaching Excellence Program II 


PEP II is a program for priests and deacons with approximately 3-5 years of experience in ordained ministry. The program serves the most promising preachers from around the Church at a formative season in their preaching development for 3 days of intense study and practice modeled on the Foundation’s 30+ years of experience. 

PEP II inspires some of the Church’s most gifted preachers in lectures and workshops, while providing them with new and enhanced skills as part of a growing community of preachers.

“After three to five years in parish ministry, priests know what they don’t know and are eager for help, especially in preaching,” says A. Gary Shilling, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation.

“Preaching instruction at the seminary level can barely scratch the surface of preachings' true complexity…… After 3-5 years of experience, preachers are coming to understand the challenges associated with preaching week after week in community. We can help them keep preaching as an important and vital part of their total pastoral ministry,” opined Dr. Micah Jackson of the PEP II Faculty.