About the Preaching Excellence Program II for 2019


PEP-II was created as an extension of the popular PEP (Preaching Excellence Program) for seminarians with the goal of supporting PEP alumni and all ordained clergy. PEP-II can be helpful in building onto a hard-earned foundation of regular preaching to guide each attendee in developing her/his authentic power as a preacher.

You, have moved beyond the basics of crafting a carefully-researched homily, and, to the challenges of relating that baseline sermon to the varied and often urgent pastoral needs of the congregation in this time of political, economic, and social uncertainty. With a time-tested interweaving of model sermons, sermon preparation approaches, and finding the authentic power-preacher that exists in every dedicated minister, PEP-II earns accolades from alumni and their diocesan leaders.

Consistent with EPF’s mission to raise the level of preaching within the Episcopal Community, the Foundation provides a scholarship to all accepted applicants covering the program, accommodation, and travel except for $300. We suggest that the applicant's diocese pay $150, with the remaining $150 to be paid by the registrant or through his/her parish continuing education budget. 

The 2019 PEP-II Conference will be held from Tuesday, June 4th to Friday, June 7th at the Trinity Conference Center in West Cornwall, CT.

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