About the Lay Preacher Training Program (LPTI)

Funded by a grant from Trinity Church Wall Street, The LPTI is a three-year pilot program whose objective is to create a robust curriculum and protocol for the formation and training of lay preachers.

Initially deployed in six Episcopal Dioceses (yet to be chosen), the LPTI will create a scalable program with the flexibility to be successfully implemented by any Episcopal diocese.

In line with the ECUSA vision of lay leadership as a fourth dimension of diocesan leadership alongside bishops, priests, and deacons, the overarching vision is to develop a cadre of powerful lay preachers drawn from within their local communities who can supplement ordained clergy in the pulpit. The lay preachers will serve congregations lacking full-time or bi-vocational clergy, provide second-language preaching where the need exists, and offer a different voice of the Good News from within the community, as well as provide schedule relief on the preaching roster as needed.

The EPF’s Board President Canon Charles Cesaretti shared: “The Episcopal Preaching Foundation is honored to partner with Trinity Church, Wall Street, in this ground-breaking lay leadership project.  The EPF is envisioning the formation of a lay ministry that is trained and certified with a skilled preaching capacity, enabling the laity to fulfill their Baptismal Covenant.”

Following a 12-month development process in 2021, the pilot program will create a support structure for the trainee lay preachers within six participating pilot dioceses, then recruit and train six lay preacher “candidates” per diocese over the course of the subsequent two years, 2022-2023.

EPF/CEEP Webinar: The Role of Lay Preaching in the Episcopal Church