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Preaching Excellence Programs

PEP will be held this year Monday, May 30th to Friday, June 3rd at the Roslyn Conference and Retreat Center in Richmond, Virginia.  PEP I is for seminarians and is often called "boot camp for preachers". All participants must be nominated by their seminary. PEP is a mixture of workshops, plenary presentations and small preaching groups. Seminarians are nominated by their homiletics professor or dean for spots at PEP.

The Preaching Excellence Program II will be held on Tuesday, June 14th to Friday, June 17th at Drew University. Madison, New Jersey. PEP II is offered to parish priests who are three to five years into their ministries and at the point that they “know what they don't know." 

The PEP staff is composed of professors of preaching and accomplished parish and cathedral priests and deans. Keynote lectures are given by distinguished teachers of homiletics and nationally known preachers. 

This program is highly successful and effective as witnessed by such comments from participants as:

“There is not much opportunity for clergy to work on preaching craft after they get into parish ministry.  We need PEP II and the Church needs it!”

“Participating in PEP II” was very helpful, “meeting colleagues from around the country and sharing experiences and resources.  Connecting with seminarians.  Preaching our sermons back to back enabled us to see different and effective treatments of the text.”