About the Preaching Excellence Program

PEP, the signature program of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation is the annual event for Episcopal seminarians. Held at the end of May each year PEP gathers seminarians, homiletics professors, and rectors for a week of lectures, worship, workshops and small groups in which the students present sermons for discussion and affirmative feedback. The goal of PEP is to recruit seminarians with the greatest potential to become the Episcopal Church’s next generation of outstanding preachers, and provide the tools, motivation and peer community to accelerate their progress toward this goal. Most seminarians attending PEP will be rising seniors.

Over the years PEP has welcomed the leading preachers and preaching professors and its partners in the Anglican Communion to provide leadership for PEP. More than 1,600 priests of the Episcopal Church, including the Most Reverend Michael Curry and The Rt. Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori, have participated.

The cost of attending PEP, including travel, is subsidized by the EPF to the extent that seminarians are required to pay only a token fee of $100 for the entire week.

The application process requires seminary Deans to formally recommend each applicant for acceptance into the program. The window for the application process is December-February each year.

Each year a handful of the top sermons by PEP students is included in the EPF’s annual Sermon Book published in December.