Founder: Dr. A. Gary Shilling: "Preaching is Where the Passion is"

Welcome to the Episcopal Preaching Foundation...For 30 years the mission of the Episcopal Preaching Foundation (EPF) has been to improve, support, and enhance preaching in the Episcopal Church. To this end the EPF organizes and underwrites national and regional preaching programs addressing the needs of seminarians and recently ordained parish clergy.

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EPF's signature programs:

  • The annual Preaching Excellence Program (PEP) for North American seminarians,
  • The annual PEP II Conference for priests and deacons after completing 3-5 years of ministry, and;
  • Regional preaching intensive programs delivered in partnership with individual Dioceses                            

Why Preaching?

Preaching is the major reason Americans attend church.  The March 2018 Gallup Poll identified these top two responses:

  • Sermons-teaching scripture = 76%
  • Sermons-relevant to life = 75%

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        PEP 2018 / May 28 - 31, 2018                   

 Roslyn Center, Richmond, VA

Faculty includes: 

                         PEP II / June 5 - 8. 2018                             The Claggett Center, Adamstown, MD

Theme: Preaching Across the Divide: Race, Gender and Politics


Faculty Includes:

Diocean Preaching Intensives

  • Two-day preaching programs provide a deep-dive with ample floor time and constructive, affirmative critique,
  • For clergy of all levels of seniority; a refresher for the polished, timely deepening for those in their early years of ministry, and;
  • Delivered in the diocese in partnership with the clergy leadership.