Enhancing the way we are preaching the word

We're raising the bar on preaching in the Episcopal Church

According to a survey that was conducted in 2017, only 23% of the American population attends church on a regular basis. While less than a quater of the population attend worship regulary, over 52% of the population seldomly or never attend religious services. For over 30 years, the Episcopal Preaching Foundation (EPF) mission has been to improve, support, and enhance preaching in the Episcopal Church. Studies have shown that there is a difference between a so-so congregation and an interactive one. To this end the EPF organizes and underwrites national and regional preaching programs addressing the needs of seminarians and recently ordained parish clergy.

Why Preaching?

Preaching is the major reason Americans attend church. The March 2018 Gallup Poll identified these top two responses:


Sermons-teaching scripture = 76%


Sermons-relevant to life = 75%

What does EPF do to help?

EPF conducts an annual conference called “Preaching Excellence Program” (PEP) in North America, The annual PEP II Conference for priests and deacons after completing 3-5 years of ministry, and Regional preaching intensive programs delivered in partnership with individual Dioceses. Take a look at our gallery to see what we do exactly and learn how you can help.